One stop handy shop

by Sally MacMillan

So you’d like your house painted, floor redone, backyard revamped, gutters cleaned... but don’t want to trawl through the Yellow Pages or go through scores of calls to get what you want.

Now there is a simpler way to go about it – advertising your job on a new website where tradesfolk bid for your work online. Once done, you just choose the one you want and it’ll only take some 20-30 minutes of your time.

WhoCanDo is a one-stop source promising savings in time and money for anyone buying or selling any kind of service.

Membership of the website, for service recipients and service providers, is free. Members can place auctions and bids free of charge.


There is also a feedback for the buyer from previous customers of the provider. See for details.

Source: Sunday Telegraph, Section home owner, page 3, 7.10.2007

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