Frequently Asked Questions

Posting a Job

How do I post a job which involves several different trades?

You have several options. (1) Depending on the type of service, we have prepared alternative category groups. For example, in the category ‘Building & Renovation' you can choose to define your work by ‘Building Segment' (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) instead of by ‘Trade/Profession'. (2) If you cannot identify the right category, you can nominate a new category on WhoCanDo's homepage and we will try to respond within 24 hours. (3) Alternatively, you can always select the category ‘Other' in every category group.

I have an image to upload but it is greater than 3MB. What can I do?

There are a few options. WhoCanDo recommends that you use MS Paint or Photoshop to reduce resolution and resave the image. If you have trouble using these programs, you can send us up to two images per job post to and we will do this for you.

Alternatively, you can also upload one image as an attachment of up to 10MB size. This might be of interest if you have a large detailed plan of some sort.

What file types can I upload?

We differentiate between images and explanatory documents. We allow the upload of most common file types. Image formats include jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Explanatory documents include doc, txt, pdf, odf, zip, rar, ppt, jpg, jpeg, gif, png. We will not allow the upload of programs or any content which is potentially harmful to the operation of WhoCanDo servers. Please contact us if there is a specific file type you want us to include.

How do I determine the right start/ maximum price for my job?

Depending on the type of job and your situation, there are several options:

  • you know what you have paid for the same job before.
  • you can leverage a quote which you have already received.
  • you might have a budget which you cannot or do not want to exceed.
  • you might consider what the job is worth to you (if it costs more, then you would do it yourself or not do it, at all).
  • you could calculate your estimate for time to deliver and multiply with an industry-standard hourly rate (plus provisions for work material if known).
  • for on-going and frequent work, you could define an initial time period as the basis for your job, e.g. one month, which allows you to assess the work before you potentially agree to a long-term relationship.
  • a combination of all of the above.
  • Contact us if you are still uncertain and we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you do not have to select a start/ maximum price.

    How credible are the service providers bidding on my job? Are they licensed?

    WhoCanDo recognises that credibility of service providers is key. Therefore, we have put a rigorous profiling system in place. Every member has a My Profile section within My WhoCanDo. My Profile displays (1) feedback ratings from other members based on previous transactions, (2) a Certification page listing content provided by the member which WhoCanDo verifies upon receipt of supporting documentation like, e.g., the member's licenses, qualifications, insurance coverage, etc. and (3) a Company Profile/ About Me page which allows each member to write about their business, e.g., company history, testimonials, etc. As a buyer, you have that information about every one of the bidders on your job post available at a fingertip.

    I only want to deal with fully qualified service providers with particular accreditations, degrees, insurance coverage and potentially other criteria.

    Just make your expectations clearly known in the Job Description (Step 2 of Post a Job). If a service provider quotes/ bids on your job but does not meet your defined expectations, then this bid is invalid. In any case, you have 14 days after the listing closes to select one bid or to reject all bids.

    Placing a Bid

    How credible is the buyer?

    In the same way as buyers can view profiles of bidders, users can access the buyer's profile via the job view. This allows any potential bidder to understand the history and credibility of the buyer on WhoCanDo before placing a bid.

    What is the Activity Metre?

    The Activity Metre is a measure for the level of responses a job listing received. The logic behind the Metre is based on the number of bids/ quotes received, the number of bidders, the number of requests for site visits and contact details, and the number of questions asked by email and internal messages. In essence, the Activity Metre is an indicator for the competition on a job listing. Note that buyers can always reject your bid/ quote so a low level of competition does not mean that you always win the job. We have implemented the Activity Metre because the number of bids/ quotes are not the only measure for activity (many suppliers choose to request a site visit and do not place a bid).

    Tenders and auctions are all about price – there is more to service delivery!

    Exactly. This is why the buyer of a service doesn’t have to choose the cheapest bid – the buyer can accept ANY bidder’s bid. And WhoCanDo provides a platform which allows every service provider to publicly display their profile so that a buyer can make an informed decision based on:

  • Word of mouth: build a reputation based on your customers’ feedback
  • Verified certifications: show any accreditations, licenses, insurances, and quality certifications relevant to your business
  • Your Homepage: describe your business, testimonials, and anything else you might think is interesting for your customers to know.
  • You can do all of this for FREE on WhoCanDo. Sign in and write your own Profile.

    I am interested in this job - but the buyer's budget is unrealistic

    You can make the buyer aware of your interest, concerns and ideas before placing a bid. You can contact the buyer by using the Send buyer a question link. You can find this link on the right hand side of the job description. A buyer can make changes to a job, including the maximum start price, until the first bid arrives.

    After My Job listing has closed

    How will people contact me? Do bidders get my email address or other contact details?

    After the job listing closes, you receive the full name, phone number and email address of the lowest bidder to discuss and evaluate the offering, if required. You then have up to 14 days to select another bid or to reject all bids. Once a winner is selected, WhoCanDo will send full name, phone number, and email address to both parties.

    Nobody bid on my Job. What can I do?

    WhoCanDo gives you the option to re-list your job post. Just go to "My Job Posts" and select the job that you want to 're-list'. We allow you to re-list it one time at no charge, however any additional listing options will be charged.

    Winning a Job

    I won a job! Now what?

    You can either check for a message from the buyer, or wait to receive an e-mail from WhoCanDo notifying you how you can contact your buyer. WhoCanDo does not facilitate the buyer/bidder transaction.

    The buyer has changed his/her mind

    We made this process easier than ever. If a buyer selected you as the winner for a job but changes his/her mind afterwards and does not want to proceed with the contract, then you can request a credit for the Success Fees to your WhoCanDo account within 30 days after you were selected as the winner. Just go to My Bids in My WhoCanDo - click on "Job cancelled" in the Action column of the job, confirm the declaration that you have used best efforts to fulfill the contract and you will receive instantly a credit to your account. Please send us any supporting documents (e.g. email communication with buyer) to (or by fax to 02 8580 4632 or by mail to WhoCanDo Pty Ltd, PO Box 281, Church Point NSW 2105). You also need to provide feedback on the job to explain why the job did not proceed (IMPORTANT: give feedback AFTER you received the credit on your account; 'Job Cancelled' is not available after you gave feedback). To keep WhoCanDo the vibrant marketplace it is, we block users who repeatedly waste other users' time.

    After the Work is completed

    Do I have any recourse if the selected service provider does not deliver?
    Do I have any recourse if the buyer does not pay?

    When you make a contract via WhoCanDo, you have the same legal rights as you would if you made the contract in person. This is because WhoCanDo is not an "auctioneer", and is not a party to the contract between the buyer and the service provider. Since the contract will form the basis for the resolution of any dispute between you and the other party, you should ensure that important details such as payment terms and delivery timeframes are clarified in the job description and job FAQ before the job listing closes.

    In contrast to contracts not leveraging the WhoCanDo platform, you have some measure of protection with WhoCanDo against dealing with poor service providers and bad clients in the first place. Buyers and sellers with bad or unethical business practices do not have a future on WhoCanDo. Why? Because every member's reputation depends on the feedback given by other members. Hence, service providers with frequent negative feedback will probably not be selected by buyers, and buyers with frequent negative feedback will have trouble finding bidders on their job listings. WhoCanDo reserves also the right to remove members with frequent negative feedback. Details about the feedback system can be found in WhoCanDo's Terms and Conditions (User Agreement).

    If a dispute arises between you and the other party, we suggest that your first step be a conversation with the other party to try to resolve the issue. If you can't resolve the dispute in this way, we suggest you contact a dispute resolution centre in your State or Territory.


    I am a service provider - what are Success Fees?

    A Success Fee is a commission of maximum 9.5% (depending on job size) for a successful contract. We win only if you win. Only if the buyer selects your quote/ bid, i.e. you have won the contract, only then we ask for a Success Fee. Don't waste money on subscriptions for directory listings without knowing how many leads you get. Don't waste money on leads without knowing of what quality these leads are. Pay as you go on WhoCanDo - your success is our success. Details on the calculation of Success Fees based on job size can be found in our Fee Schedule.

    I am a buyer of services - what are Listing Options?

    It is FREE to list a job on WhoCanDo. Job Listing Options allow you to promote your job on WhoCanDo to gain more attention from service providers. They are optional. Details about different listing options can be found Fee Schedule.

    How do I pay?

    Most services are free on WhoCanDo. If you use a chargeable service, we offer several payment options based on the type of service you use (Fee Schedule). In general, we offer payment by PayPal, bank transfer and credit card. If you place a bid on a job, we will ask you to put your credit card on file with us. If you have incurred a fee, we will send you a summary invoice once a month and subsequently charge your credit card for outstanding amounts. You can view your current billing details as well as all of your invoices in My WhoCanDo/ My Account. If you have any questions about your invoice or a charge, please contact us as soon as possible.

    What happens to my credit card details?

    Your credit card details will be encrypted and stored. We follow St. George bank's rigorous requirements to qualify for the bank's merchant agreement. Payments are processed by St. George bank.

    Payment Alternatives

    I do not have a credit card - how can I use your service?

    You can purchase credits. Make a payment to WhoCanDo, Account Number: 003 525 460, BSB 112-879 (St George Bank), send a cheque to WhoCanDo, PO Box 281, Church Point NSW 2105 or use PayPal to Send Money to Enter your WhoCanDo username as payment reference (min. $20). For a faster update of your WhoCanDo account, you can send an email to, including your username, the transfer amount and the date of your payment. As soon as you have sufficient credit on your account to cover the potential success fee, you can enter a bid without being asked for a credit card number. This can take between 2 and 10 days and largely depends on your bank. If time is critical because a job listing is closing soon, you can attach the payment receipt of your bank to your email or send it by fax to 02 8580 4632. We cannot promise a faster turnaround but will use reasonable business efforts to load the credit on your account as quickly as possible. Remember, we will charge success fees against your credit ONLY if you win the job. Note: to keep our administrative costs and hence our fees low, we do not reimburse credits on your WhoCanDo account but the credit can be used for any future account fees in case you would not win with your current bid.


    Can anybody be connected through WhoCanDo?

    Membership is only open to individuals and entities who can form legally binding contracts under Applicable Law, and who are resident in Australia. Without limiting the foregoing, Membership is not available to anyone under 18 years of age. Individuals must register in their own right (i.e., not on someone else's behalf), and registration of legal entities other than individuals must be made by an authorised representative of the entity.

    I do not have a mobile phone number but would like to use WhoCanDo's service - How can I register?

    Mobile phone verification is an important part of our identity validation process. In exceptional cases, WhoCanDo can allow for registration without a mobile phone number if the user can produce some other way to confirm identity. Please contact us.

    Premium Membership

    You don’t have a lot of jobs in my area – why should I sign up for Premium Membership?

    Every time a new Premium Member signs up, we review the job listings in the PM’s geography and categories. If there are not enough jobs, then we will increase our advertising in that sector to attract more jobs to the site. We then continue to do ongoing reviews at regular intervals to make sure our PMs have a steady lead flow.

    My WhoCanDo

    Can I change my username?

    No, in general. We encourage our users to build a brand/reputation around their username. Why change a great thing?

    Can I change my mobile phone number on file?

    Yes, but we need to verify it. We do this to protect you from having other users listing your phone number on their account. In addition, we do it so that you know you entered the right number! An SMS code will be sent to your new mobile phone number and once you enter it into the system, it will be updated.

    I want to receive SMS notifications but the setting is disabled. How do I change that?

    There is a fee involved with receiving SMS notifications (see Fee Schedule). WhoCanDo requires that you enter your credit card information in order to receive SMS notifications. You can update this information in the "Payment Info" tab of My Account.

    My "About Me" page in My Profile looks a little bland. What can I do to spice it up?

    The "About Me" content box handles HTML formatting! Either type your desired profile in HTML, or click "enable rich-text" to write your profile using your own mini "editor".

    My Certificate is still "Pending". How can I get it changed to "Verified"?

    Fax a copy of relevant documentation to 02 8580 4632, or by mail to PO Box 281, Church Point NSW 2105 or as scanned images by email. Once received, we'll update your status from Pending to Verified. Please make sure that you send one certificate per page (do not send copies of several certificates on one page).

    I have invited a friend to join WhoCanDo using WhoCanDo Rewards and they have accepted. When will I get credit?

    Once your friend posts a job, your account will be credited as a thank-you for helping spread the word about WhoCanDo.

    If your question is not covered here, then please send us an email.

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