About Us

WhoCanDo is an Australian one-stop portal for finding any kind of tradesmen or service providers (including painters, plumbers, electricians, bookkeepers, and so forth). Simply post a job to WhoCanDo and watch as suppliers bid. Then make a selection based on qualifications, quote, licences, insurance and customer feedback. Users on WhoCanDo can choose from three processes to get a price: quotation, tender, and reverse auction. WhoCanDo is particularly for
  • for buyers who want to find high-quality tradesmen and service providers quickly and at fair prices and
  • for service providers who seek high-quality leads with very little investment in marketing, sales or time.
  • How does it work? Watch our short video.

    Our vision is to be the prime source for finding reasonably priced, high-quality services from trustworthy suppliers.

    Business philosophy

  • To empower our Members to make informed decisions by identifying potential trade-offs between price, quality, availability and delivery time of services - with a very limited investment in time.
  • To provide businesses of any size with an equal opportunity to show their credentials and offer their services by placing bids on auctions.
  • To build and run a business based on the principles of trust, ethical behaviour, accountability, diversity, integrity, honesty, teamwork, excellence, client focus and financial sustainability.
  • The Company

    WhoCanDo Pty Ltd is an Australian company which tailors its services to the needs of Australians, in particular individuals, households and small businesses.

    Meet the team

    Robert Finkeldey


    Robert Finkeldey's passion is to empower citizens and small businesses in an increasingly tougher globalised world. WhoCanDo is a major result of this passion by providing more choices to buyers of services and equal opportunities for service providers of any size to present their capabilities. Robert believes that the online quotation/tender/auction process is the basis for a fair, level playing field.

    Prior to WhoCanDo, Robert was the Vice President for Gartner Inc. managing the consulting practice responsible for market & business strategies across Asia/Pacfic and Japan. From being the first consultant in Asia/Pacific in 1999, he and his team grew the practice to a multi-million dollar business with high client satisfaction by the time he left in 2005.

    As a student, Robert worked in his father's plumbing and gasfitting business for several years which gave him valuable insights into the challenges of running a business in the construction industry. Insights he is using to make WhoCanDo the perfect tool for service providers.

    Robert holds a MBA with honours from the University of Munich with majors in Empirical Management Science, Innovation and Digital Transformation, and Software Engineering.

    Neil McMurchy

    Co-founder and Non-executive Director

    Neil McMurchy has been involved in successful technology businesses as a manager and advisor since 1981. A graduate of the University of NSW, Neil is currently managing director of a global firm headquartered in Australia providing strategic advice to the world's leading IT companies.

    William Klippgen

    Chair of the Advisory Board

    Amongst several successful endeavours, William Klippgen co-founded Zoomit.com in Scandinavia in 1997. Zoomit.com became Kelkoo.com, Europe's leading online e-commerce portal which was sold to Yahoo! in early 2004. Today, William is the founder and managing director of Tigris Capital based in Singapore.

    William holds a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Boston University as a Fulbright Scholar and an MBA from INSEAD with a specialisation in finance and venture capital.

    Roy Green

    Chief Technical Officer

    Roy Green has been in the software industry for over eighteen years, and founded four IT and internet companies in that time. He has worked extensively in the software industry in California, UK, and Australia as a CTO and software engineer.

    Roy has earned a BS (Economics) from the University of Cape Town and a BA (English Literature) from the University of South Africa. He is a member of the Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association, and the European Technology Forum. He is also currently Chief Technical Officer and Principal at Dial Nine Software Technologies


    Giving back to the community is an important foundation of WhoCanDo. The company donates 10% of its net profits to charity organisations such as World Vision. We are also proud to offer a platform for voluntary and charity work for free.

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